About the gnusb

The gnusb is a platform for building USB controllers - like mixers, foot pedals and the like - primarily for use with Max/MSP or pure-data. It is built around an ATMEL Atmega16 microprocessor and provides access to three of its four ports: 8 analog inputs on PORTA, and 8 digital inputs/outputs on each of PORTB and PORTC. It provides a bootloader for convenient uploading, tweaking and testing of firmware.

The gnusb hardware, firmware and host software are intended to be a mere starting point for own creations. A foundation on which you can build upon.

the max/msp external

By default, the gnusb provides Max/MSP and pure-data patches with:

add some sensors, and off you go....

gnusb is based on Objective Development's USB driver. Objective Development's USB driver is a firmware-only implementation of the USB 1.1 standard (low speed device) on cheap single chip microcomputers of Atmel's AVR series.

It needs very few external components and thus it's cheap and easy to build.